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My Story

My name is Jami Bouley and I currently live in Portland, Maine (for the last 30+ years), with my husband, dog, and two cats.

I have sewn since I was a teenager. In 2008, a friend of mine convinced me to take an adult education class on quilting. I made my first quilt with horrible seams and stitching and NO straight lines, yet I was so very proud of it. I caught the bug! Many years later I’m still going strong and spending most of my free time quilt-making, with more Precision of course.

A group of 6-8 of us from that original class continue to take the class and quilt together. I continue to be amazed at how with the same class project theme, we each create quilts that are so very different and unique. I can look at any one of the quilts and tell right away who made it based on size, scale, fabrics, and color schemes.

As a guy who likes to sew and make quilts, I’ve heard it all at quilt shops and shows – “oh, what is your wife making?”, “who are you buying this fabric for?”, and “your wife sure is busy!”. Hopefully people will realize that there are a great many men who sew and quilt, and we have a lot of creativity and designs to offer!

A few years ago I started doing local craft shows and received much praise and success selling my quilts. In addition to multiple show venues in Maine, I have now expanded my reach to shows in New Hampshire and of course, this website. Thank you for exploring my designs and products. Any questions please contact me via the contact page. Cheers. Jami .